Seema is a subject matter expert in making the financial system and large businesses across sectors achieve long-term sustainability through a systems approach consisting of Purpose, transformation methodology Change thru Movement, universal ESG Metrics & the regTech application Compliance by Design for the corporate & Investment banks. Her core expertise is in Purpose, Change thru Movement and universal ESG metrics.


She is a generalist - a strategic problem solver with the systems approach, a process & data expert and a culture sense-maker. Having honed her craft on the job through various roles with corporates for 18 years, she founded the Organisational Transformation Management & RegTech startup SEEM - Sustainability thru Engagement, Empowerment & Mobilisation with a mission to create an ecosystem that nurtures businesses to thrive, grow and become sustainable for the future. She is also the founder of TREEBANK which is working with a mission to value each tree as a true asset to own. It resolves most of the underlying issues that are holding us back from the effective preservation and growth of trees on our planet.


What led her to found SEEM?


It was her observation from her role as an internal process consultant with large IT systems integrators that people resisted processes. Although when explained to them the risk, they were happy to come up with a solution on their own that met the intent. She realised that people knew best how to solve a problem. They disliked being told how to solve it. It was common sense, and the same is true with kids too. This was the core to her discovery of “Change through Movement”. 

Later she faced a different kind of issue. It was about difficulty aligning with certain objectives. It was not about the quality of deliverables but somewhere a disjoint on intent. This made her think harder - how could we be in alignment more happily? A situation where everyone gives their best, feels motivated and willing to go an extra mile. She discovered that it happens in moments where people are doing things for others. A service that has an impact on others and where they are truly engaged in it. She realised this was the bigger purpose, beyond making a profit and has some impact on real people. Such a purpose unites people and there are no disjoint intents and people participate enthusiastically, wholeheartedly. 


Finally having worked in software application development and worked at the forefront with users, she had experience in solving problems through computer applications. She had observed how computers could bring transparency, simplicity, thoughtful control and of course efficiency. There is enormous power in computing that can be harnessed to our benefit. This desire to use computing powers and technological advancements to solve bigger problems convinced her to include integration, automation & AI as part of the application ideation.

These three key experiences led her to found SEEM - Sustainability through Engagement, Empowerment & Mobilisation. It embeds #organisationalpurpose #entrepreneurialculture #digitaltransformation & #sustainability


  • Engagement through the organisation’s purpose.

  • Empowerment through conditions & design thinking.

  • Mobilisation catalysed through stories.

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Creating an ecosystem that nurtures businesses to thrive, grow and become sustainable for the future. ​