The financial world has the responsibility and power to steer the economy towards one that is climate-friendly, inclusive and sustainable for the long run. While doing so they will not only solve the climate issues but also many other bigger challenges the world faces today. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are achievable when the investor community, the investee and the entire supply chain transforms and becomes long-term focused. They have a Purpose, a higher Purpose beyond just making a profit and disclose their Transition Plans. The business entities disclose meaningful and comparable data on ESG aspects and the Financial Institutes capture data accurately and authentically, use that data in meaningful and transparent ways to measure businesses creditworthiness including both ESG and financial aspects of their performance, comply with all regulations and respond to their business needs with agility.

As an Organization Transformation & regTech startup we have developed solutions to address this challenge through a three prong approach - 

1. Our Organization Transformation methodology "Change thru Movement" underpins the organization has a purpose beyond just making a profit. It results in innovation, digital transformation, culture shift and projects that deliver towards the SDGs. This transformation methodology will transform the bank and make it robust, clean and purposeful and can do the same to any business when applied. It eventually transforms the bank or the organization to become sustainable for the long run.


2. FIs need accurate ESG data for decision making avoiding all greenwashing risks. ESG metrics can be quantitative or qualitative. We see that businesses need to transform to be able to generate ESG data as their focus was not on these goals maybe as late as the start or Covid-19. For them it is a transformation journey now. While we help them transform using our Change thru Movement methodology we would be measuring the quality of this transition thereby getting the measurements which will be used as the ESG metrics at the top level. These measurements can have further elaborations in terms of quantitative measurements.  We keep "Purpose" at the core of this transition which makes it very powerful and it not only solves climate issues but it encompasses across all the 17 SDGs. 

3. We solve bank's challenges in doing business while complying with complex regulatory expectations and incorporate ESG aspects while measuring creditworthiness of businesses through our regTech application "Compliance by Design". Key differentiator is the measurement of credit risk and compliance risk more consistently using AI and using it for all decision making in an  authentic way.  It solves all data silo problems and in the future would bring consistency in considering ESG data coming from businesses while making credit decisions.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that nurtures businesses to thrive, grow and become sustainable for the future. 

03. Organisation's purpose

03. Organisation's purpose

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Sep 1, 2018