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The financial world has the responsibility and power to steer the economy towards one that is climate-friendly, inclusive and sustainable for the long run. While doing so, they will not only solve the climate issues but many other bigger challenges the world faces today. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are achievable when the investor community, the investee and the entire supply chain transform and become long-term focused and sustainable. They have a Purpose, a higher Purpose beyond just making a profit that becomes the core of this transformation for their long-term sustainability and disclose their standardised NetZero Transition Plans and updates on their progress and other relevant details at a standardised frequency. The FIs capture them accurately and use them in meaningful ways to measure businesses’ creditworthiness while considering them alongside their financial performances. The FIs comply with all regulations and respond to their own business needs with agility etc. At the same time, FIs disclose their standardised NetZero transition plans and updates on their progress and other relevant details while consolidating required metrics from their portfolio companies' and assets' (derived from FIs') std. NetZero Transition Plans and making disclosures in a standardised way and frequency. In this, we focus on the leading FIs and large businesses in the real economy who are also in turn responsible for their supply chains and values chains, with a possibility of its extension in customised form and under conditions across the financial and real economy to address overall Netzero & SDGs.

As a Management Consultancy & regTech startup, we enable leading FIs and real-economy large corporations to undergo their systemic change to innovate at scale (leveraging other entities' universal ESG metrics translated into their sustainability performance & corporates' creditworthiness and their own std. Org. Transformation through CTM) for their Just NetZero Transition at the pace they must, their long-term sustainability and disclosure of universal ESG metrics that will solve the problem of Greenwashing. Also, we enable corporates' creditworthiness / FIs' compliance with regulations, having access to entities' sustainability performance and access to / ability to measure corporates' creditworthiness that is authentic and comparable, again solving greenwashing.

Today, leading Financial Institutions are striving to innovate at scale their transition financing to decarbonise the entire economy, including a large part from blended financing to let funds flow to emerging markets and developing economies. At the same time, large corporations in the real economy in sectors like energy, cement, steel, aviation, industrialised food production etc. are trying to innovate at-scale their products and services. Thereby, all these entities are striving to achieve their Just Net Zero Transition at the pace they must, achieve their long-term sustainability, disclose universal ESG metrics, have access to other entities' sustainability performance and corporates' creditworthiness that are authentic and comparable and solve greenwashing. They need help to embrace this change, innovate at scale, achieve their Net Zero goals in alignment with their sectoral pathways directly or as-financed, achieve their other SDGs likewise through their multi-stakeholder focus and disclose their universal ESG metrics that are authentic, transparent, comparable and decision-worthy. 

Through universal ESG metrics and standardised NetZero Transition Plans (std. project plans to deploy standardised transformation methodology CTM consisting of organisational Transformation through the movement centred on Purpose with qualitative uni. ESG metrics and the objectivity leading to the quantitative uni. ESG metrics derived from direct/as-financed impacts towards SDGs through multi-stakeholder focus, further translated into entities' sustainability performance that is authentic & truly comparable), both with variations for leading FIs and real-economy large corporations, their extension across the financial & real economy (with policy support from G20) in full as it is or in part through std. NetZero Transition Plan Templates, including applicable uni. ESG Metrics and Purpose Discovery, and the regTech product CBD (Compliance by Design) for the corporate and investment banks (allowing further re-use of some of its features), we will help these entities to undergo their systemic change to innovate at scale for their Just NetZero Transition at the pace they must, their long-term sustainability, disclose universal ESG metrics, enable creditworthiness of corporates / FIs' compliance with regulations, have access to other entities sustainability performance that are authentic, transparent, comparable and decision-worthy solving greenwashing, access to/ability to measure corporates' creditworthiness considering their non-financials including their sustainability performance alongside financials making them again authentic, transparent, comparable and decision-worthy and solving greenwashing.

Thus, for the extension of the std. NetZero Transition Plans to deploy CTM, for those outside the financial sector and not supported by SEEM in the real economy, both in full as it is and in part through std. NZTP Templates (including applicable uni. ESG metrics & Purpose Discovery) across the real economy, a deployment and business model is proposed, provided there is policy support from G20 to mandate them throughout the financial & real economy. Read more about how another company and their partners will play a role in this in Products & Services. Now, once this policy is true, we also imagine the Long-term Sustainability of Entities - the foundation of CTM will become a curriculum in universities and business schools.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that nurtures entities to thrive, grow and become sustainable for the future. 

03. Organisation's purpose

03. Organisation's purpose

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Sep 1, 2018