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Standardised NetZero Transition Plans with variations for leading Financial Institutions and large corporates and further standardised simplified variation for applicable corporates

Standardised Net-Zero Transition Plans (std. Project Plans to deploy CTM) with variations for leading FIs and real economy large corporations & further std. variations for part CTM


Practitioner led standardised project plans to deploy std. transformation methodology CTM centred on entities’ purpose and aiming for their Just & Resilient NZ Transition at the pace they must.

It includes the standardised Movement centred on entities’ purpose, leading to a culture shift towards one that is away from command & control, a must for innovation at scale. It has mechanisms for decision-worthy data (along with practitioner-led standardised NZTP-templates, including purpose discovery and applicable universal ESG metrics for part-CTM deployment for micro & small enterprises in their s/chains & v/chains and likewise for medium and large enterprises, the standardised NZTPs for full CTM deployment)  - it includes HL design of quantitative universal ESG metrics, facilitating their detailed design, qualitative universal ESG metrics, facilitating the development of entity-level governance framework, etc. These standardised plans and templates become mechanisms for deployment, enable actions at scale to generate those data, and facilitate consolidation of the data upon they are created, measured and approved as per the entities’ governance framework, leading to their disclosure as the universal ESG measurements including entities’ comparable sustainability performance through these standardised plans & templates’ disclosure version. Note that SEEM does not measure the data. It is left to the entities’ discretion and as per their entity-level governance framework.

To cover the entire economy, for standardisation, these practitioner-led standardised NZTP-templates need to apply to all micro & small enterprises, including those outside the s/chains & v/chains, and likewise, for medium and large corporates, they are the practitioner-led standardised NZTPs.

This plan has provisions to incorporate requirements and recommendations from GFANZ; TPT and the likes from other countries; current and future regulations etc.

Deployment for medium enterprises are by the practitioners from another company, that is supported by SEEM. For small & micro enterprises the deployment would be by practitioners or franchise-practitioners of another company supported by SEEM.

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