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As a Management Consultancy and regTech startup enabling the leading financial institutions & large businesses across sectors in the real economy achieve their NetZero & while doing so, their SDGs through their multi-stakeholder focus directly or indirectly, at the same time, become sustainable for the longterm through a systemic change of purpose, shifting mindset & culture, innovation at scale, a constant pipeline of impactful & credible projects, project governance framework at entity level, entity's relative focus across SDGs -their ideal, actual & targeted values, their std. sectoral impact parameter focus - their baselines & targets, universal ESG metrics and executing all of these through std. transition plans with variations for these entities and the regTech product Compliance by Design (CBD) for the corporate & Investment banks that enable them to deliver towards their purpose more powerfully.

SEEM - Sustainability through Engagement, Empowerment & Mobilization

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